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Posted on: 17 February 2017

The Perfect Interview Preparation

Year 11 students attended a workshop run by Mr Curtis-Raleigh to prepare for their Mock Interview Day today. 

Mock Interview Day is an opportunity to be interviewed by individuals from the local business community, parents, TPS Governors and Further Education College representatives.  The aim of the day is to show students how they presented at an interview in preparation for the world of work..  Following the interview, students will be given feedback on areas such as the presentation of their CV, their appearance, body language and overall impression.

During the workshop, Mr Curtis-Raleigh and a group of volunteer students from Year 9 demonstrated the do’s and don’ts when attending an interview, including the optimum handshake!

All students found the session informative and fun, and look forward to putting what they have learnt into practice on Friday.

Mr Curtis said: “This session is all about teaching more than just the academic side. It’s about those key life skills that help us to get ahead in life like how to do a really good interview. I was really impressed with how well students did in the session and I’d also like to say a massive thank you and I’m sorry to all the members of staff I forced to appear on film with their own tips and hints on how to do the perfect interview.”

The students themselves said:

Lucy Morton-Scott said: “The session was both entertaining and useful. I learnt about how to present myself appropriately for an interview and how to be prepared beforehand. It helped me to feel more confident and was also a lot of fun to watch and join in. I am glad I got to participate in the session as I have learnt skills that will help me in the future.”

George Wade said: “The experience was very useful, It has taught me many things about being interviewed, I have learnt a lot about myself and what sort of questions I will be expected to answer in a proper interview. Finally it has really improved my speaking skills because I have learnt what approach to take for every question I am asked”

Mr Curtis said: ”Mock Interview Day is a major event in the Year 11 calendar. Business leaders in the real world interview our students as if they were going for a real job. The standard from the Year 11s this year has been terrific and the students have been really impressing our interviewers with the quality of their work. Well done!”

Grace Barritt: “Before entering my interview I was very nervous about the way I would be perceived. For example was I too confident or was I too shy. However this completely changed as soon as I walked in the room. My nerves were put aside and I used this day as a great learning experience. It helped me when I realised that this was just to help my future. I felt comfortable talking about my passion and it helped me explore further into what I want to do later on in life. Leaving the room I felt inspired and motivated to pursue in my dreams and try hard in everything I do.

Evie Lunn said: “Walking into my interview room, I was incredibly nervous - and paranoid about the quality of my handshake. Was it too firm? Too limp? Too aggressive? But I shouldn’t have worried. The interview itself was incredibly inspiring, as the majority of conversation was focused on how to create the best possible future for myself. It allowed me to tip my toe into the pool of adulthood within a safe environment, and I believed that I walked out of that room a more confident, motivated person who was excited about my future.”

James Mates: “I thought that today was really helpful for a number of reasons; firstly I found today useful because of the experience of being in an interview (getting comfortable with being in those situations) and understanding how to approach the interview (answering the questions and other aspects). Another reason why I enjoyed today was that it was made as real as possible but still relaxed meaning that people doing it for the first time would find it a lot easier to do it.

Phil Phillips, ex-Senior Police Officer said : “This was the second time of helping with these interviews. A gratifying experience. In particular it was interesting to see the breadth of skills and abilities displayed by the students; all of whom seemed to enter into the spirit of things and appeared, in the main to enjoy then experience.”