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Posted on: 13 March 2017

Krypton Factor House Competition

Inspired by one of the great game shows of the 1980s, the Science & Computing Faculty is running a STEM-themed Krypton Factor house competition with four rounds over four weeks (unfortunately no assault course or flight simulator!).

This week tested the first essential STEM skill – Problem Solving.  Students could use any of the equipment provided to try and achieve the largest temperature change possible in 20ml of water over a 5 minute period. A number of inventive foil-laden designs were created and the results are in:

Overall winners are KINGSLEY!

1st - Kingsley

2nd - Bourne & Mirren

4th - Zephaniah & Redgrave

6th - Joseph

The forthcoming rounds are Programming – using logic to send a Big-trak as far as possible around a course without collisions; Memory – a quiz based around using video footage, and of course the Spatial Awareness round – solving a 3D puzzle in the shortest time. Good luck to all the Houses!