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Posted on: 4 July 2017

Beth's Spelling Bee

Last Friday, Year 7 Beth Walker travelled to the University of Cambridge for the National Finals of the Foreign Language Spelling Bee. The competition took place in Lady Mitchell Hall where, just two days later, Stephen Hawking celebrated his 75th birthday.

Over 60,000 pupils had started the competition back in September and of these, only 104 pupils made it through to the final round of the competition. The atmosphere was one of great excitement and the level of competition was unbelievably high.

Beth took part in the German section of the competition and she was a wonderful ambassador for TPS.  Calmly and confidently, she took her place at the front of the lecture theatre, whilst an audience of competitors, teachers and parents looked on. In the minute that she had, she managed to translate and spell twenty words in German …. an amazing feat bearing in mind the length of many of the German words!

A matter of just one or two words came between Beth and the top four pupils and she is to be congratulated on her outstanding achievement. Very well done, Beth!  We are extremely proud of you.