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Posted on: 4 July 2017

Masterclass with Abi

Former student, Abi Pillans, returned this week to help out in the Dance department and to run some ballet masterclasses.

Abi, who left last year, was offered a coveted place at Ballet West near Oban, Scotland to start a three year degree course in Dance Performance.  There are 80 students, of which around 30 are first years like Abi.  They live in student houses around the village and so she has had to learn how to cook and clean and look after herself.  She said, “I have made some good friends and it’s a lot of fun sharing a house - we’re like a big family.”

She dances 6 days a week (with just Sundays off), including ballet, contemporary and jazz. There are also anatomy studies, which help the students to understand the body, and advice on health and nutrition.

January and February of this year were spent touring Scotland in a production of “Swan Lake”, performing in major theatres in Edinburgh and Glasgow amongst others.  Abi said, “It was a great experience of what it is really like being in a dance company. It is the most exciting thing I have ever done!”

Abi is still in touch with her TPS friends and meets up when she is home for the holidays.  She said, “Some are at Godalming College, and have commented on the long walk up the hill -  Ballet West is right on the top of a mountain!”