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Posted on: 7 July 2017

Cy's Round The Island Race Adventure

Year 8 student, Cy Coleman had a fantastic time at the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust Round the Island Race 2017.

As a special Return To Sail project for 2017, 100 young people are joining in the Trust’s national 2,400 sailing relay challenge - Round Britain - to celebrate achievement and potential. 

From May to September, the Trust’s 44ft voyage yacht, Moonspray, is visiting over 60 coastal towns and cities with five different young people joining the crew for each leg.

The four-day trip is for young people like Cy who are in recovery from cancer. They live, sleep and eat on board, getting involved in every part of boat life, including cooking, washing up and even cleaning the toilets too!  Sailing, BBQs, games, and legendary water fights are the tip of the iceberg in four days of life-changing fun.

Cy said, “It was an amazing experience and I made lots of new friends!”