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Posted on: 24 July 2017

Former TPS Student Opens The Chris Phillips Library

Friday saw the official opening of the TPS Library, renamed The Chris Phillips Library. The Library has been completely refurbished including a brand new upgrade to the IT to bring it up to the 21st Century. Funded by the TPS Development Fund and by a generous donation from ex-student and successful entrepreneur and creator of, Chris Phillips, it is now a multi-functional space used not just for reading and self-issue, but for literacy lessons, reading buddies, after school clubs and as the base for a brand new online presence called the Reading Cloud.  We have also recruited Reading Ambassadors from our student population to promote literacy throughout the school.

Conall Templeman said “The art sculpture we have been making for the Library has turned old used books into a new display to welcome more people. We wanted to make it more decorative and exciting so students will want to come and read. It was fun making the sculpture- curling up books and experimenting to make a final, very abstract design.”

Tilly Swanton, one of TPS’s Reading Ambassadors, added, “Being a Reading Ambassador is helping people learn to enjoy reading and learn to use We show people new books and how to use the new self-scanner in the Library so they can read them. It is fun because we encourage people to expand their knowledge, which is good.”

Anna Sale concluded, “The new Library is a much better place to be compared to the old one. It is much lighter and the posters feel more friendly and encouraging.  Also there is the new sculpture that the Art department has created which reuses old books and makes the Library look more creative.”

Assistant Principal, Sarah Holman, said, “We are hugely grateful to Chris and the TPS Development Fund for their generous donations which have enabled us to create a bright, innovative and welcoming learning space to help promote reading around the school and for pleasure at home.  The Reading Cloud acts as an online literacy hub, enabling students to talk about books with their peers, share reviews, make recommendations and engage in blogging.”