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Posted on: 10 October 2017

CVQO at Portsmouth Watersports Centre

This week, as part of the CVQO programme, students from TPS and Bohunt Schools attended Portsmouth Watersports Centre. CVQO is a UK-based education charity offering a broad range of vocational qualifications, designed to recognise the work undertaken by young people and adult volunteers within youth organisations.

The students tried their hand at raft building with some success, lasting for 3.5 minutes in the water before the majority of the students fell in the Solent (wearing wetsuits and life jackets, of course!).

After lunch, the students were able to try their skills at paddle boarding and kayaking and really appreciated the calmer waters.  Most students were able to balance on the board after just a few minutes, so perhaps we will see some of them competing in the Olympics before too long!  Unfortunately for Chloe Bull, her wetsuit shoes suffered the same fate as the raft and floated away in the sea.

And Ebony Ball enjoyed the day so much that she awarded the day an impressive 11 out of 10.