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Posted on: 11 October 2017

Miss Warner at Britain's Strongest Women Competition

Last weekend saw the top 5 strongest women from England, Scotland and Wales competing at Britain's Strongest Women at Bedford International Athletic Stadium.

PE teacher Miss Warner won this event last year and was back to defend her title representing England.  Unfortunately, after suffering from an injury in the week leading up to the competition, she was unsuccessful this year, finishing 4th.

All the women competed in 5 events - 135kg axle deadlift for as many repetitions as possible, an overhead medley with a 55kg axle bar, 65kg log and a 35kg monster dumbbell in each arm, 190kg yoke into 70kg sandbag carry, 150kg frame carry and a 110kg sled arm over arm pull into drag back.

Despite her injury, Miss Warner was able to complete all the events and will now be taking some rest until next year!