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Posted on: 6 November 2017

A Double Win For Joseph House!

Joseph House achieved an impressive 4960 ERAs, followed closely by Mirren House with 4820 ERAs and Zephaniah House came in third with 4800 ERAs.

 "I am over the moon about the first orange flag appearance this year! Fantastic work form all the Joseph House Members." Mr Cornwell, Joseph House Champion.

 8JCornwell have stolen the title from 7ZDyer and stormed into the lead with the highest ERA achieving tutor group in the whole school.

Mr Cornwell went on to add, "I am immensely proud of 8JCornwell for reclaiming their top spot - the hard work has paid off!"

 Huge congratulations to Joseph House and everyone who has worked hard to achieve ERAs.  Keep up the good work to achieve your ERA milestone postcards!

300 ERAs - Bronze Postcard

600 ERAs - Silver postcard

1250 ERAs - Gold Postcard

2000 ERAs - Platinum