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Posted on: 30 November 2017

"Oliver!" The Musical - Rehearsal Log

Rehearsals for Oliver! are in full swing now and preparations for the show are going well. The cast have now been taught the choreography for all the major songs and are beginning to sound more professional than ever.  In addition, the band have been practising hard with the Music team and we are now working to put these two strands together - singing plus instruments. 

Fundraising is our key focus this week. The show will need one of the largest budgets ever for a TPS show, so to pay for it all we will be running many initiatives such as a Guess the Number of Sweets competition, with more being planned and carried out.

East Hants Volunteers Awards Evening

Last night, we took a group of Oliver! cast members to perform some numbers from the show at the East Hants Volunteers Awards Evening at the Festival Hall, which went down very well with the audience.