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Posted on: 30 November 2017

CCF Update

The Cadet Expansion Programme was initiated by the Armed Forces to encourage state schools to establish a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) with the support of an existing independent school. 

The Petersfield School has recently fully integrated with Churcher’s College, and 15 TPS cadets are now attached to the Army section there.  It has been an exciting few months for the cadets where they have experienced a wide range of training and participated in three major events, including Operation Long Night, Remembrance Sunday and more recently the Biennial Inspection held at Churcher’s College.

The Biennial Inspection is a chance for the host school to demonstrate the type of training it puts the cadets through and is an opportunity to show the best in all its cadets.  TPS students were fully involved in the inspection, demonstrating their climbing skills by taking part in a climbing session which is offered to all cadets as part of their adventurous training.  The inspecting officer, Group Captain Bruce from the RAF, was full of praise for all of the cadets across all three representative forces. 

The Biennial Inspection also featured a variety of activities including weapon handling, cooking, shelter building, flight simulators, kayaking and a full parade with march by and salute past distinguished guests.

It showed the dedication and commitment of all cadets involved and showcased the opportunities that this type of initiative can offer all students.