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Posted on: 5 December 2017

Black Belt for Oscar and Ethan

Last weekend, Year 9 students Oscar Holloway and Ethan Sanders graded to Black Belt for the SAMA Karate Organisation, held here at TPS on Sundays. They both achieved this on their first attempt. Both boys started Karate when they were in Year 3 - Oscar at Herne, and Ethan at Clanfield Juniors - working through 11 belts to get to Black at the very young age of 13!

What next for the boys? They are now First Dans and are not allowed to progress to Second Dans until they are 18! In the meantime they

Oscar said, “I train for 3-4 hours each week, and it really helps me to be more disciplined.”

Ethan added, “In future it will be really good to be able to put on my CV that I have achieved Black belt, and I am really looking forward to becoming Second Dan!”