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Posted on: 15 January 2018

Lego Challenge

Former TPS student, George Gillliatt, returned on Friday to talk to our students. George works for Lego in Denmark, and so talked about his career path to such an innovative and creative job. He also set the students a 10-minute design and build team challenge, which was won by Katy Goodship, Lucy Sampson and Sophie Freemantle.

Also on display was the Lego model of TPS which George had built.

Ignite co-ordinator, Arthur Blandford-Davies, said,

"George set the students a very clever challenge. Initially they had to work against a partner using an identical set of 60 pieces. After this George revealed that the real challenge was to work cooperatively, merging individual ideas together. This exemplified how Lego works both as a toy and as a company. As a result, the students had a very challenging and insightful afternoon!"