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Posted on: 16 January 2018

A Violin Mastercourse for Pradip

Next week, Year 9 student, Pradip Tran, a gifted violinist, will be attending a week-long Violin Mastercourse at The Alfred Schnittke Academy in Hamburg, ending with a performance.

Pradip is looking forward to meeting up with his teacher, Professor Savely Shalman who is based in Saint Petersburg, and who is considered by many to be the best violin teacher in the world for gifted children aged 8-18.

Pradip is working hard in his ambition to be a professional violinist, and is thrilled to have been invited to perform as a soloist in The Netherlands in August.

Pradip said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing Professor Shalman again. I’ve been working very hard for him, as his expectations are so high!”