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Posted on: 1 February 2018

Key Stage 3 STEM Days

This week, some Year 7 and 8 students were treated to a day off timetable getting hands on with STEM and truly encompassing the idea of being innovative. They were first presented with the fact that flooding is becoming a much more frequent occurrence in urban areas such as Hampshire.  Students were asked to work in teams to solve the problem of removing flood water from homes.  They had to organise themselves into the various roles required to make the challenge a success - design engineer, mathematician, scientist, video manager and project manager. 

The whole day then revolved around not only creating a prototype device but creating a video learning log to illustrate the changing process they went through to achieve their final design. At the end of the day the students tested all the devices and a winning team was selected by Mrs Beacher, who commented, “The students really engaged with the problem solving challenge, although I think they ended up with more water on themselves then they did in the tray!  More Innovate STEM Days and events will be arranged for those wishing to have a chance at being innovative too.  Just look out for the Innovate logo on posters around school.”