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Posted on: 21 February 2018

At Sea on HMS Ocean

Year 8 student, William Jones, was fortunate enough to spend two days at sea on HMS Ocean, and this is his account:

HMS OCEAN – L12 by William Jones 8K

On Thursday 8 February I was lucky enough to go on HMS Ocean with my dad.  It is the Fleet Flag Ship of the Royal Navy and my dad is a Warrant Officer. On the ship we first went to my Dad’s room and he had to do some work and then we went to have lunch, after that we were just going around the ship and waiting for the ship to start moving. Later that night we had steak and chips for dinner and then we went outside to fire some rounds on one of the Ship’s machine guns, it was very fun but there were lots of stoppages. When I finally had my go I had to wear ear protectors because it was extremely loud, and it still made my ears hurt even when I was wearing them!

After that me and my Dad went up to the bridge (where the ship was being steered and navigated) it was very dark in there, so they could see outside. The Quarter Master kindly taught me to navigate and how to drive the ship, that was my favourite part of the journey.  My Dad’s cabin only has one bed so we slept in a spare cabin with 2 bunk beds, in the morning there was a whistle that woke us up at 7am!

This was such an important trip because this was the last time HMS Ocean went to sea as a Royal Navy Ship, she has served in the Navy for 20 years and been in many conflicts as well as helping people around the world. Recently the Ship helped the people of several Caribbean islands after Hurricane Irma. It was an amazing experience and I could see why my dad was upset HMS Ocean was being sold to Brazil. My Dad has served in the Royal Navy for a long time and this was likely his last time as sea; it was good to be able to share that with him.