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Posted on: 26 February 2018

Record Performances in Maths Challenge

Students who performed particularly well in the recent Intermediate Maths Challenge have been invited to take part in a more difficult follow-on round, known as the "Kangaroo":

Year 11 - Catrin Palmer, Lucy Wootton, Tom Greathead, Lydia Morris
Year 10 - Oscar Hares, William Potter, Katie Beken, William Jones
Year 9 - Charlie Offen, Adrian Fincham, Joe Kinder, Lucy Powell, Billy Chambers, Tom Reid

If a student performs exceptionally well, they are invited to take part in an "Olympiad" style follow-on round which is fiendishly difficult, usually consisting of fewer, more investigative questions. We are delighted and proud that Year 11 Adam Exley is through to the Olympiad - a milestone for TPS!