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Posted on: 25 June 2018

Game Changer Day

At today’s Game Changer Day, Years 7 to 9 have taken part in a series of planned experiences which challenge them to use their creativity, leadership and resilience; these are the key attributes we have identified “game changers” embody.  They are also skills that the business and enterprise community consistently refer as the essential skills for the 21st century.  Some of the activities included “Command” tasks whereby students had to work together to overcome a challenge, such as crossing a river with limited material; build a shelter as a team; create and build the longest marble run under timed conditions, etc.

With this in mind, Game Changer Week was launched last week, when our teachers shared stories of “game changers” in their subject area: people who have transformed the world through Literature, Science, Engineering, Politics, the Arts and Sport, and have often inspired our teachers to go on to further study in their chosen area of specialism.

Year 9 students had said that they would like to know more about the skills and knowledge required to thrive in wider life, and so their day included activities based on financial and political issues.

The vision of the Bohunt Education Trust, of which TPS is a partner school, includes the highest expectations, an ethos of “Enjoy Respect Achieve”, unparalleled opportunities and highly effective teaching combining to develop students who are “game changers”.

Vice Principal, Aidan Timmons, said, “It has been fantastic to watch how the students have thrived today, and we aim to provide further opportunities for them to demonstrate the key “game changer” skills of creativity, leadership and resilience during their time at TPS.”