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Posted on: 3 July 2018

School of Surgery Day

Year 10 students Elizabeth Church, Sophie Honey, Jessica Dexter-Halliday, Anna Lezdkan, Jay Jenkins, Billy Mancz and Year 11 Lucy Wootton took up the opportunity of a School of Surgery day facilitated by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. This was an informative, interactive and engaging workshop designed to provide students with hands-on experience undertaking skills required to be a doctor.

New Head Girl, Elizabeth, said, “I feel extremely privileged to have had such an extraordinary day offered to us.  The team of doctors there were so talented and interesting, giving us all advice and support for our future medicine careers.  Today we were offered activities such as keyhole surgery in appendectomy, how to incubate patients, stitch wounds and analyse X-rays and ultra sounds, just like a real doctor does!”