TPS Development Fund

There's no doubt that TPS is doing well as a school and pupils who attend here benefit greatly. The facilities and opportunities available to pupils are equal to, or better than, many schools - both in the public and private sectors.

The Petersfield School Development Fund is our only way of fundraising directly from parents. Without it, we would not be able to provide your children with the best equipment, resources or opportunities. TPS children would miss out.

At the moment, only 15% of the school population makes regular contributions to the TPS Development Fund, yet 100% of the children benefit.

Please make a donation to the TPS Development Fund. The easiest way to do this is to set up a monthly donation via our BT MyDonate page at

If every TPS family gave just £5 per month we'd raise around £66,000 a year to support our students. Please Gift Aid your donation when you give online - if you're a UK tax payer this means your donation is worth an extra 25% to the Fund, for example a donation of £60 a year means $75 comes into the Fund. Thank you for supporting the TPS Develpoment Fund.

So - what happens to the money we raise?

Most crucially the TPS Development Fund has donated £30,000 sponsorship money for Specialist Status - helping us to complete the Studio@TPS.

Other recent items are as follows:

  • Equipment for the D&T Bicycle Club
  • Supplies to build shed for horticulture
  • Greenpower Team
  • Radio Station
  • Lockers for pupils
  • LCD Display screen for MFL
  • Sculpture Park
  • Waste bins for the school site
  • Benches for the Year 7 playground
  • New School Library
  • and lots more...

Who decides where the money goes?

You do!

The TPS Development Fund has a committee that meets once a term and it includes current and past parents, plus teachers. Decisions are made by this committee.





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