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Posted on: 18 May 2018

First Place in Goalball

Year 8 students Phoebe Clifton and Kate Exley play for Winchester Goalball Club, which is run by Paralympian Adam Knott, and last weekend the team won the 2018 Junior London Cup.

Goalball is a sport for the blind and partially sighted which was first designed in 1946 as a means to rehabilitate wounded World War II soldiers. It is played by two teams of three players on a volleyball-sized court.  All players wear blindfolds and the aim of the game is to throw a ball the size of a basketball, into your opponents’ goal.  The ball has bells inside so players use their hearing to locate and stop the ball from going into their goal.  Court markings are tactile so players can feel where they are on court.  It is a truly inclusive sport as fully sighted players can also play domestically since everyone has to wear eye shades and so nobody can see.

Congratulations to Phoebe, Kate and the rest of the team!