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Posted on: 8 January 2019

Stand Out Interviewees

Employers and professionals who acted as interviewers at our Mock Interview Day last term were very impressed overall by the calibre of our Year 11 students, and gave some lovely feedback, including students who had particularly stood out. Those students met with Mr Marande this week to receive a Certificate of Commendation.

“This student was so enthusiastic in the interview, I can tell she has an interest in the fashion industry and had done research regarding a career in it.”

“This student was extremely confident in the interview; she was very happy and friendly. If I were recruiting for air cabin crew, I would definitely give her the opportunity.”

“This student had a great level of confidence.”

“This student was very articulate and demonstrated passion, and had lots on her CV.”

“This student has rounded experiences and is self-aware but confident.”

“This student was well-prepared and will no doubt succeed in whatever they decide to to.”

“Excellent, confident smile, good eye contact, good handshake.”

“Great communication, quick to answer and good use of being a player’s player.”

“As ever, an absolute pleasure. The students I met were all amazing and a real credit to TPS.”

“I am aware in response to these kind of events that people bandy about superlatives to make everyone feel ‘special’ and ‘warm’, cheapening the whole thing. With that in mind, I must say to my embarrassment how surprised I was in the real quality of those interviewed candidates. They were to a person a real recommendation to the school and should be proud of themselves. Thank you for the education.”