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Posted on: 29 January 2019

Year 7 Trip to University of Surrey

Last week a group of Year 7 students headed off to the University of Surrey for a taster session in Psychology and to find out about University life.

The students were tested on how reliable a witness they were, and it was quite surprising how varied the descriptions were of a lady who they had been asked to identify: from 5 ft to 6ft and one student saying that they had not seen her at all! 

Next was a fun way to test memory where the students had to prevent a balloon falling on to a table with Taylor Swift music blasting out in the background, whilst trying to memorise random words. 

The students looked at some psychology tests from the past, including “The Little Albert” experiment, which gave a baby under the age of one a phobia of most things white. The University were quick to point out that the experiment had taken place in the 1920s and would not be allowed now!

After a delicious lunch kindly provided by the University, the students went back into the classroom for a Nature vs Nurture debate.

Careers Coordinator, Karen Heath, said, “It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and one that has hopefully inspired some of the students to think about University as an option in the future.”