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Posted on: 4 March 2019

Music Masterclass at Metropolis Studios

Last Friday, 5 Music students- Emilia Quinn, Charlie Palmer, Rhiannan Tebbey, Stanley Lyons and Joe Kinder - toured Metropolis Studios in London - one of the biggest recording studios in the UK where 50% of the UK charts is recorded and mastered.

The day included a masterclass in a professional studio where they were taken through the whole recording process, including micing up a live drum kit and exploring all the sounds and effects applied to each track. They then took part in a ‘Mixer’ style meet and greet activity where they chatted and mixed with other students, staff from the studios and ACM, talking about their musical skills and plans for the future.

Finally, they were treated to a live performance from two upcoming artists - totally inspirational for them. All students on the trip have a chance to enter a competition to submit an original track they have written with the chance to have it professionally recorded at Metropolis. It was a brilliant trip and these 5 students were a real credit to TPS.