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Posted on: 26 March 2019

Lilly is a Taekwondo Champion!

Year 9 Lilly Barnes is a busy girl with big ambitions.  She took up Taekwondo less than a year ago with the South Downs Taekwondo Club here at TPS, and is already halfway to her Black belt.  

She rapidly progressed to become South East Champion and Midlands Champion, and last Sunday entered the Taekwondo English Championships in Worcestershire, where she was crowned Girls Middleweight Yellow Belt English Champion 2019.

Lilly said, “I started Taekwondo because I wanted to be a stuntwoman, but now I’ve decided I want to be an Olympian! I’m also preparing for my Grade 5 Ballet exam, and do modern dance and aerial hoop where I’m hoping to progress to silks and trapeze work!”