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Posted on: 28 March 2019

Inter-House Charity Sports Day

The weather couldn’t have been kinder for today’s Inter-House Charity Sports Day for Years 7 to 10.

All students paid £1 to spend one period today participating in a variety of sporting activities including Cross Country, Football, Table Tennis, Handball and Endball.  Together with other fundraising initiatives, including face painting in House colours, the idea was to raise yet more money for Comic Relief.  One enterprising tutor group – 8R Allan – ran a Darts competition last week, charging students 50p to enter, and raised over £10.

The results for the day were as follows:

Y7 Cross Country – Bourne

Y7 Endball – Bourne

Y7 Football – Redgrave

Y7 Handball – Redgrave

Y7 Table Tennis – Redgrave

Y7 Final Standings – Redgrave


Y8 Cross Country – Redgrave

Y8 Endball – Mirren

Y8 Football – Joseph

Y8 Handball – Bourne

Y8 Table Tennis – Joseph

Y8 Final Standings – Bourne


Y9 Cross Country – Zephaniah

Y9 Endball – Bourne

Y9 Football – Kingsley

Y9 Handball – Zephaniah

Y9 Table Tennis – Bourne

Y9 Final Standings – Bourne/Zephaniah


Y10 Cross Country – Joseph

Y10 Endball – Kingsley

Y10 Football – Redgrave

Y10 Handball – Redgrave

Y10 Table Tennis – Kingsley

Y10 Final Standings – Bourne


And the final whole school results:

1st – Bourne

2nd – Redgrave

3rd – Zephaniah

Well done to all students for taking part and a huge thank you to the PE department, especially Miss Bullock and Mr Cripps, for organising the day!