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Posted on: 7 February 2020

Surrey Satellites Open Day

Year 10 students were invited to attend an Open Day at Surrey Satellites to discover what the Guildford-based company do and to chat to their apprentices - very apt as it is National Apprenticeship Week.
SSTL are known as pioneers in the use of  new technologies on satellite products and services.  The company started in 1970 with 4 people and has grown to over 350 employed in the world’s leading manufacturer of small satellites.  
Their work is predominantly with optical and imagery satellites.  They have satellites orbiting the earth which are Disaster Monitoring Constellations (DMCs) that can hone in and see where disaster relief is needed, and were used recently in the flooded areas of the country.  They have worked closely with NASA, the UK Space Agency and various governments around the world.  
Students learnt about their design, build, testing, launching and finally seeing them in operation as well as a hands-on experience with putting a circuit board together.
All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has certainly opened up their eyes to considering future careers in the space industry.