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Posted on: 24 March 2020

Remote Learning

Dear Parents

From Monday the school is closed until further notice due to the ongoing outbreak. The following is in place to ensure students can work remotely:

On the TPS Portal (click here to view - your child will have to sign in) every department has provided remote learning summary sheets of what to work on for each year group up until the Easter break.

Students should follow their normal timetable day for what to study and when. 

The departmental summary sheet gives an overview of what students need to work on and where to access resources and additional websites as required. These will be updated after the Easter holidays.  

Teachers will continue to update their classes individually via Office 365  (click here for our PDF explaining how to use Office365) and the TPS Portal so students should check their emails regularly for what to do.

Students can also email class teachers using their Outlook email accounts on 365 and teachers will aim to respond within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

We are not expecting students to email teachers with completed work at this stage. Rather it should be collated for when they return.

If your child has any issues accessing materials, please contact the class teacher (click here for staff contact list) or email the Network support team via this email:

Alongside the TPS portal (click here for the main Portal page - your child will have to sign in) there are a number of other online systems which students should be using to work from. Click here for the list of all the platforms your child already uses regularly to complete work. The remote learning summary sheets for each department also explain which online platforms students should be accessing.

Yours Sincerely, 

Mr Timmons

Vice Principal