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Posted on: 24 March 2020

Remote Learning

Dear Parent/Guardian

We hope you have managed to enjoy a restful period over the Easter break with your loved ones.

The next wave of remote learning summary sheets are now available in the remote learning folder (click here, your child will have to sign in). These again provide 2 weeks’ worth of learning specifically designed to keep students on top of the curriculum, whilst being mindful of the fact that they are not in school. The previous summary sheets have been archived by date in the remote learning folders if you do wish to look back at any time. 

We want to ensure students have as much high-quality learning to do as possible; however, departments have made clear the expectations of what needs to be done to hopefully help your children manage the work.  To me, a simple rule of thumb is if you feel your child is doing too much, you are right and you have to step in. The same applies equally if you feel they aren’t doing enough and need to be encouraged more.

Wherever possible we have avoided the need to use screens for activities, but you will appreciate the vital role technology is playing in both the setting of work and in helping staff to see what the students have been doing. Whilst Teams is providing the opportunity for group discussion, we are keen that classes are not all expected to be online at the same time as this will be fraught with logistical and technical issues for both families and teachers 

Students should use their Microsoft Office 365 accounts to check every day for communication from individual class teachers and also to seek help. This has mainly been through their Outlook emails, but subjects are now using the Microsoft Teams areas as well (there is a PDF below explaining how to use Microsoft Teams).  

Please bear in mind that teachers use our online assessment platforms (e.g. Seneca, Lexia, Hegarty, Tassomai) to monitor students’ progress with remote learning. These provide the main evidence of how effectively students are working through the materials in the remote learning folder. 

As always, if your child has any issues accessing materials, please contact the class teacher (clickherefor staff contact list) or email the Network Support Team via this 

Yours sincerely

Mr A Timmons 

Vice Principal