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Posted on: 2 December 2020

Oscar Sets His Sights High

Year 11 student Oscar Corcoran, a member of the CCF for 3 years, has been selected by CCF Co-ordinator Amanda Phillips to embark upon a leadership course alongside our new Senior Prefect team.

The course will cover core aspects of leadership responsibilities, forming a team, learning how to lead a drill, and upon completion, Oscar hopes to be promoted to Corporal.

This week Mr Marande presented Oscar with his Marksman badge for passing the Weapon Handling test and shooting from 100m using live rounds.  Oscar joined 20 Year 11 cadets from Churcher’s College to take the test and was the second best marksman.

Oscar said, “I am considering a career in the Army or the Marines after College, so CCF is giving me great insight into the possibilities.”