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Posted on: 1 February 2021

Enrichment Day at TPS

Students really rose to the challenges on our Enrichment Day last Friday!
Live lessons were suspended for the whole day so that students could spend time on a range of engaging activities organised into four categories: Creative, Active, Reflective and Expressive.
Artie in Year 7 covered several categories in his video - - well done! 
Students in Critical Worker School completed the Dance challenge, and Marcus in Year 8  made a miniature scale Tardis using a cardboard box and some printed out pieces of paper for the walls. He also added some props using old toys to fill the space.
Year 8s Jennifer C and Mara C chose the Bread Challenge and baked some fine loaves, and Eva M produced impressive almond croissants. Some fabulous "pizza art" was created by Year 8 Tyler G; there was mindful colouring by Koko K, and Emily T made a funky T-shirt bag.
Meanwhile Year 9 Sophia H created a pencil drawing interpretation of the challenges of lockdown.
Year 7 students were particularly busy with the challenges - creating healthy food recipes, building bug hotels, origami, art, photography, and tote bags!
We hope everyone enjoyed the day and appreciated the opportunity to work in a different way to our usual Live Lessons.