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Posted on: 12 February 2021

Recognition for another Young Writer

Sophia K in Year 9 has won a Certificate of Merit in the Young Writer's Awards for an original piece of creative writing, which has also been selected for publication in a Young Writers Anthology.

Sophia says she was inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mastery of mysterious fiction.

Jade Everest, her English teacher, said, “I am very proud to say that I teach Sophia and she is so talented!”

Unsolved: Fear Not The Crimson Leaf 

Victor exhaled leisurely, watching as his breath clouded before him and dissipated within the morning winter brume. Approaching what seemed to be an almond tree, he begrudgingly took his hand out the pocket of his Chinos to catch a crimson, dead leaf, waltzing toward him with the whispers of the wind as its beat. Grass rustled behind him, silently screaming their warnings. One flash. Followed by Haze. Blood. It oozed out of him. And there, wallowing in the grass, Victor watched the leaf slip out his grasp, its scintillating, frosted dress melting away in the sunshine... And took his last breath.