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Posted on: 11 March 2021

TPS Test Centre

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community when more than 150 people volunteered to help with Covid mass testing of students at TPS.

Those selected to help are doing a fantastic job, ensuring a smooth system where nearly 1400 students are being routinely tested to ensure a safe and speedy return

Volunteer Nicky Wadey said, “Both my children came to TPS and it was great for them, so I thought I would come and help if I could. I have really enjoyed it!”

Another volunteer, Colin Sayer, said, “I teach Taekwondo and know quite a few of the students, and I wanted to help them to get back into school as quickly as possible. They have all been very calm and sensible about the testing and have just got on with it.”

Associate Principal Aidan Timmons said, “We are incredibly grateful to all our volunteers – both from the community and also TPS staff volunteers. This was a logistical challenge which has taken a great deal of planning and preparation, but our priority is to ensure our school remains Covid-safe so that we can move forward with supporting our students’ learning.”