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Posted on: 28 April 2021


Yesterday, CCF Cadets received instruction on how to fire air-rifles from Sgt Howe of the 11 Brigade Cadet Training Team.

The Cadets learned how to handle the weapon safely before being taught how to fire the weapon accurately at short range targets.  All Cadets successfully passed a weapon handling test before being able to live fire the weapon. This is great practice for handling the Cadet rifle later in their training.

Since returning from lockdown, Cadets at TPS have also been learning First Aid, map reading and camp cooking. The Cadets are looking forward to being able to return to training with Churcher’s College CCF in the next few weeks, as well as participating in Cadet Camps later in the summer term.

Current Year 8 students will soon be invited to apply to join the CCF from September 2021.