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Posted on: May 31 2017

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TPS – The Performing School

This half term has seen our students demonstrate a huge range of talents both on and off stage.  From our successful Rock Challenge premier performance in April, to the EPQ contemporary topic presentation at Alton College, the Y9 music and drama performance evenings, our regular lunchtime bandstand concerts and the final 'performance' that all of our Y11 students are currently undertaking in each of their GCSE examinations, performance is a central part of life at TPS.  We take performing seriously and we encourage all of our students to get involved.  Why is this culture of performance so important to us?

Allegedly, the average person rates fear of public speaking higher than even fear of death!  We've also all had that particular type of fear when it comes to performing in front of our peers.  For many teachers doing their first assembly, it's not so much the students they are worried about but their teacher peers standing at the back of the hall.  This is a perfectly natural feeling but it's one that we want to equip our students to overcome.  It also makes the fact that our students so regularly and boldly perform in front of their classmates all the more impressive.  It's one of the features that makes TPS so special.

By becoming confident performing in front of their peers, we hope to give them skills that will last a lifetime and can be used in different contexts for years to come.  Finally it also teaches students the great value of rehearsal.  No one has ever run their best marathon time in their first attempt.  Practice and preparation are essential ingredients for any success, as our Y11s know only so well now following their months of GCSE revision.  As the acclaimed pianist, 

Vladimir Horowitz, said “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice” and the huge amount of dedication has been obvious in all of the great performances we've seen at TPS this term.  

Do encourage your child to get involved and experience the thrill of performance at TPS!