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Posted on: December 20 2018

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Everyone at TPS was ecstatic after receiving a fabulous Ofsted report earlier this month.

The Inspectors judged the school to be Outstanding in EVERY category and were highly complimentary about all aspects of the school.

Inspectors said pupils receive “outstanding educational experiences” at TPS; that pupils “thrive and enjoy their learning” and there is “very strong progress across the curriculum”.  They also observed that “pupils are successful, confident and independent learners”.

Inspectors praised school leaders on rapidly improving the school so that the pupils “consistently receive outstanding teaching and learning experiences”.

Inspectors found TPS to be “a calm happy school where pupils thrive and enjoy their learning”.  Inspectors noted that the overwhelming majority of parents were exceptionally positive about the school and their children’s education.

They judged “the behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils’ conduct in and around school is excellent. They have very positive relationships with each other and staff”.

We were given a short inspection in February 2018, which indicated that the school was now potentially Outstanding, and we underwent a full two-day inspection last month which confirmed these findings.  

The report also highlights that:


·         Pupils’ learning goes well beyond individual subjects and there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities

·         Teachers have very strong subject knowledge. They use this well to enthuse pupils to learn in their subjects

·         Teachers quickly move pupils on to more challenging work once they are certain that pupils are secure in their understanding.  The most-able pupils are very well supported

·         The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils are happy and confident learners


Personally, I am absolutely thrilled that Ofsted have recognised the school as the outstanding learning community we know it to be.  The students, staff, parents and governors have all worked exceptionally hard to create the successful school evident from this report.  Everyone is incredibly proud of their school, and I am confident that TPS will continue to go from strength to strength.

Mark Marande - Principal