Remote Learning

Dear Parent/Guardian

In order to further streamline remote learning, work set by all teachers will be communicated via our Teams platform from Monday 11 May.  This will open up the opportunity to make much more use of the interactive and video meeting features of Teams, now that both our teachers and students are more familiar with this part of Microsoft Office 365.

Students will be able to view their list of assignments for the week through the Microsoft Teams platform:




This does mean that the remote learning summary sheets will no longer be published, and students will submit any work back using the assignments feature of Teams. Rather than email questions related to the work, students can communicate with their teachers using the chat function in Teams.

Our online assessment platforms (eg Hegarty, Seneca) will be where teachers are assessing the students’ knowledge; however, assignments allows students to submit more extended work and complete end of unit tests.

Teachers (only English, Maths & Science in year 7 & 8) will now be checking in each week during one of the timetabled lessons to catch up with the class using the video chat features in Teams.  If any student is unable to be in on the call, there will be a video recording stored in the Teams area.  As we have always said, students should use their normal school timetable to structure the week but it doesn’t need to be a straitjacket.

This is a very new way of working for both staff and students, and so if your child is worried at all during the next week about how to use Teams, the best person to contact first will be their tutor.  Any technical issues can also be directed to the IT Support team ( ).

The progress leaders have been in contact with their year groups to share video tutorials and assistance for any students who need help on Teams through the progress leaders weekly bulletins, but here are some useful links for you, too:


Microsoft Teams Assignments


Signing into Microsoft Teams for the first time if you're a student


Microsoft Teams assignment guide for students - youtube

My Pye has also provided the following video tutorials which have been shared directly with the students already:


Microsoft Teams Help


As always, can I take this opportunity to thank you for the work you are doing to support remote learning.  It is clear that we won’t be returning to normal any time soon, and this transition helps us in preparing for every eventuality.

Yours sincerely


Mr A Timmons

Vice Principal